About Our Team

Being connected to our customers, employees, and the communities where we work and live; along with a history of growth fueled by innovation and continuous improvement, is the Sasser way. While finding new and smarter ways to do things continues to drive us, we will always remain committed to our identity as a family of companies that puts people first.

Executive Leadership Team

Fred R. Sasser

Executive Chairman Emeritus

Jeff Walsh

Chief Executive Officer

Garrett Reed

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Bryan Zair

Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer

Sharon Garcia

Vice President, Human Resources

Business Unit Leadership

Todd Heemsoth

President, Union Leasing

Tom Krug

Sr. VP of Strategic Partnerships and OEM Relationships, Express 4x4 Truck Rental

Erin O'Donnell​

President, Xcēd​

Mike Cooper

President, Falcon Lease

Thomas Clark

President, Chicago Freight Car/CF Rail Services