express 4x4 truck rental

About Express 4x4 Truck Rental

Express 4×4 Truck Rental specializes in flexible and affordable, mid- to long-term truck rentals with a commitment to on-time delivery, anywhere in North America. Express 4×4 Truck Rental is one of the fastest-growing pick-up truck rental providers in the U.S., building relationships through a deep understanding of customer needs and industry demands.

Working at Express 4x4 Truck rental

Express 4×4 Truck Rental is not just a team but a family, and as such there is not a goal we can’t achieve or an obstacle we can’t overcome. We have proven our ability to adapt, overcome, strive and excel.

Jo Jo Jensen-Express 4×4 Truck Rental

Express 4x4 Truck Rental Leadership Team

Tom Krug

Senior Vice President & General Manager

Chuck Hooker

Vice President of Sales

Rob Robertson

Vice President, Accounting & Finance

Ken Smith

Vice President, Operations