Logos and brand names serve several purposes. They help consumers understand what companies do. They distinguish one company from the next and can tell us something about the people behind the name. Most important, from a business perspective, they help drive purchasing decisions—at least initially.

Some brands hang their hats on delivering the best price, while others promise to innovate. There are other brands that stake their reputations on product quality or customer service. But over time, loyalty to a particular brand comes down to whether it consistently delivers on its promise to be who and what it says it is.

During our 90th anniversary celebration in 2018, we looked back at our history and the legacy that was begun in 1928 by Fred H. Sasser—who treated customers as partners. As we looked toward the future we saw an opportunity to examine our logo, branding, and website to consider what they communicate to all of our partners, the communities that we support through our philanthropic and volunteer initiatives, current and potential employees.

Who are we?‘ ‘What makes us who we are?’ ‘What makes us different?’ 

The answers to those questions are clear: we are a family of companies in rail, automotive, and aviation that prioritizes relationships, is rooted in growth and innovation, and is intentional about stewardship. Communicating the Sasser way using a modern tone and design that’s true to who we are drove the creation of our new logo, branding, and website.

After many months of work, we are proud to share Sasser’s new logo, a stylized leaf that represents our family heritage and principles and demonstrates the strong, personal connection we share with each other and our customers.

We are also proud to share our new name, Sasser Family Companies, which communicates that all of us belong to a family of companies that are dedicated to personalized service that drives our customers’ businesses forward.

Both our new logo and company name are shown on our new site, a reimagined digital platform that boldly declares to existing and potential customers and employees what it means to be Sasser.

Let us know what you think of our new logo and branding. We’d like to hear from you.